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The Top 5 expectations you can have of Us!

1. Serve you with Integrity and work with your best interest in mind;
2. Listen carefully and help you prioritize your goals and create a plan to achieve them;
3. As needed, review your financial plan and provide focus;
4. Stay current on changes in the investment world that may impact our decisions and plans and be your financial educator; i.e. help you understand the maze of financial information thrown at you daily;
5. Return your calls as soon as possible, but always within 24 hrs.

The Top 3 expectations we will have of You!

1. Provide us with the best way to communicate with you, usually a cell phone, home phone, email, etc.;
2. Provide us as much detail on your accounts and financial situation as possible. You do not have to let us manage “all” your assets, but we need to know what they are;
3. Let us know when you have had a significant life change; i.e. a new address, changes of beneficiaries, change of employment, change of legal / marital status and legacy issues.

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